Xmobar stuck on updating speed dating in north wales

Because dhcpd and bind9 are my points of interest ...

For a small automation process I am using xdotool because I need my script to ssh into a virtual machine and execute commands there.

They're not for everyone, but they might be for you.

My last semester at college was making my own setup. I don't know about him, but I like 180- or 260-wide terminals.

Today, it is my dotfiles repository[1] and a comps file on my personal Fedora repository[2] to make setting up new machines a breeze. It lets me do 2 or 3 80-width panes (tmux) or windows (vim/xmonad) which is enough buffer for line numbers, fold columns, and some room to spare.

80 is obsoleye as a full terminal width, but 80 is still one of the most common wrapping widths in projects. Unfortunately, we still suffer from silly mailing list etiquette like "wrap your mails at 78 characters" which is insanely annoying on both large AND small screens unless your mail client re-wraps mails (incl quotations).

I wish to mount separate 3TB drives as /home/markrich/Pictures, /home/markrich/Music and /home/markrich/Videos.

Mounting the drives isn't a problem for me, however is Ubuntu clever enough to assign ...

I loved using every pixel of screen space for code and unit tests.You'll still find this very useful in circumstances, particularly those where you really NEED the functionality: stuck at the colo with console-only access, or using remote serial-over-LAN IPMI2 access to your host.That's when 80 col wrapping's very, very much appreciated.I wish to create a shortcut for "go to previous/next visited location" in an opened window. $ ghi The program 'ghi' is currently not installed. I removed it and installed Ubuntu 13.10 in its place.You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install github-cli $ sudo apt-get install github-cli Reading package lists... I have a Gigabyte wireless mouse (m7600), and ubuntu 13.10 freshly installed. At first the performance was great, much better than Win8 and it booted up ...

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