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So this is a thing I witnessed as a teen: It's Christmas time.Our family is getting together with another family for dinner and to exchange gifts. At some point, daughter and son sit on the couch together.If they're both comfortable and happy, the rest of us should be happy for them. One of my cousins is 11 years older than one of his sisters, and I know someone who thought it was odd when she sat on his lap when she was a little girl (like, 5 or 6) and he was a teenager, but I thought it was cute. I've currently going with "not creepy," but I actually voted "other," because I think there's not enough information, and it may really just depend on what is normal for that family. They love being cuddly with me and with each other. Sitting between thighs isn't a sibling cuddle position, so I'd have to go with, "eh, that's creepy." But like the photo, not so much.I voted "Other" because it would be creepy as hell for my brother and I. The photo wasn't creepy for brother-sister, but you described something else where her behind is planted on his crotch, if I understand correctly. In our house, though, the genders would be switched. It also made realize that's it's been so long since I watched SNL, I wasn't getting why the audience was cheering when certain cast members walked on stage.When my sister (44) and I (52) sit on the sofa together at family events it quickly devolves into a slap fight/wrestling match and it has been this way for more than almost 40 years. I omitted this part from my OP because I didn't want to poison the well.This is more or less playful, but annoying and weird to everyone else, so we are usually instructed not to sit together. His hands were rubbing up and down the sides of her (upper) arms. "We've replaced the fine coffee he usually drinks with Folger's crystals..he probably won't notice, because we also replaced the fine chick who usually sits between his legs with his sister...""My father used to say that playing not to win is like sleeping with your sister.It wasn't so long ago that entire families of mixed ages and genders slept in the same bed together (or the same room at the very least).

Kids who do nothing but play the banjo...applesauce through a straw..farm animals." - Topper Harley. I think it's weird that we're at a point in our culture where physical closeness is seen as inherently sexual.His hands were rubbing up and down the sides of her (upper) arms.Sitting like the picture you showed, I would not find it creepy.Four people who grew up together all the time, reasonably close in age, and had to share rooms and couches and cars get used to mundane physical contact quite fast. But I won't lie - if I saw some young people sitting on the couch in the way that you described and I knew that they were that closely related, would I think it was a little weird? I think it's the "between the legs" bit that put it over the top for me.If you weren't raised that way it might be awkward though. That seems like a lounging position that's strictly reserved for couples, to me.

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