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They switched from fall to spring, so any event in 1993 would not have been a full year from either the year before it or after.Many have used this image from Wire Image to “prove” the 1993 KCAs.

He learned his compassion from his father, an immigrant from Italy and fruit peddler-turned-milkman, who would pay milk bills for customers who fell behind, even though his own family lived in a cold-water flat with few resources of their own.

So, with 1993 out of the mix, the ordering of the 1st annual to the current 30th annual makes sense and works properly.

Also, it makes sense because the 1992 KCAs were on November 14 and the next event was May 7, 1994.

event every year since 1988 has been considered accurate.

However, as I was doing more research this year in preparation for the 30th annual event on March 11, I came upon the facts that have eluded many (including myself) for years: There was no event in 1993.

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