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I'll contact you again Brian, so we can continue our lovely chats.

Hello Brian, , I am the sole author of the works you mention, they have never been distributed anywhere so I would rather like to know how you came to read them, especially as I have only allowed MP3 files to be listened to by a couple of very close contacts.

I will not rest until I have acquired a genuine, grey-black, see-through, late 50s/early 60s plastic Pakamac, from the original Chadderton factory. Susan and Plastic Pakamac/Stories, real professionals! And no, I haven't read any of your material, Plastic Pakamac, but when my e-mails are sorted out, I will be investigating your resources further. Fascinating and I'm interested in contacting Pakamac.

I am not associated with his work but as you imagine, very interested.

I too tried the address from my gmail account and was so pleased I did.

The link does not provide direct access to the stories, you need more information before you can can do that, a real email address, to protect the writer from some rather less than honest people.

So usually about once a year you were taken to get fitted, usually for a gabardine raincoat and a pakamac to fit over the top ,then you were fully measured for both so you got the correct fitting .

I promise this is not spam or anything, and I would love to share my thoughts about such things. Some were made by Kendal themslves, whilst the rest were manufactured by Pakamac, albeit when fashioned in Taiwan.

Mention of Kendal makes me remember other retail outlets which I used regularly in the 1980s-Faiman, Richards, Etam, to name but a few.

The colour was particularly striking, and was only equalled when Pakamac brought out their new range in 1977. So, there is another piece of waterproof trivia, and there will be more to come.

In the meantime, I will keep searching for those cherished gems from Chadderton....... I have just discovered the site and have very much enjoyed reading all the comments with interest bringing back old memories of when I was taken to get fitted for school rainwear or my sisters .

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