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Welcome to the Director Mile High Table O'Products page, originally created by Gretchen Macdowall for as a comprehensive list of Xtras, tools, utilities and any product that may be useful when working directly or indirectly with Director made applications.Adobe announced (Jan 2017) that they will no longer be selling Director and support of Shockwave will be limited (The Future of Adobe Contribute, Director and Shockwave).online setups), can be programmed using the Lua Script language to allow advanced controls such as reading/writing values to the registry, executing external files.Creates an external update application which can check back to a website if there are updated to be loaded and installed.Easy to get started with INM Snap GUI(TM) components and behaviors. Also includes free comprehensive Database Editor to import/export and massage data.Provides access the serial port on both the Windows and Mac platforms.Displays PDF documents as sprites on stage, using Adobe Reader in Windows.Launches PDF in separate application window on Mac OS X. Together with Vb Script Xtra can embed OLE objects in Director movie.

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Also allows saving of Shockwave 3D scenes and access to AGEIA Phys X engine properties and functions (for Director 11 use).

Due to licence restrictions of this library it can only be used for non commercial or open source projects (see "PDFlib-license.pdf" that comes with the xtra).

Scripting xtra based on the Free Image graphic library.

Very efficient and nice to handle, comes with customizable dialog boxes..

Behaviors for Director 8.5 that enables drag and drop creation of onstage windows, modal dialog boxes, and cascading menus.

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