The difference between dating and courting

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If there’s one thing that pretty much everyone knows about marriage it’s that communication is key! Then we sent it out to all of our husbands to fill out.

It’s really hard to improve your relationship if you don’t know how your spouse is feeling or what he’s thinking. 😉 While we were at it, we decided to share it with our married brothers, fathers, uncles, grandpas, and friends too.

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In this coaching program, I teach you proven success strategies as well as a step-by-step methodology to accelerate your corporate career success, land that next promotion and efficiently move up the corporate ladder toward your desired position with new levels of success and recognition.I almost wish the survey wasn’t anonymous so we could share all of the amazing things your husbands said about Hey, it’s not bad advice! Answer just a couple quick questions to help the Divas give you exactly what you’re looking for!! Check out Diva Central for even MORE great ideas for working on your marriage! if you liked this post, you’ll love 10 Reasons Why You Should Spoil Your Spouse (Not Your Children) AND 10 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive AFTER Kids.In all seriousness though, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading these responses as much as we have. In all honesty, after sharing our survey with the world we sort of braced for impact.I mean, we just told our husbands that we wanted to hear their input and we were ALL EARS!

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