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No known individuals recorded this particular version of the global flood myth until nearly 2000 years after the floodwaters vanished.

Since oral accounts of an event can obviously undergo drastic changes even over a few generations, theres really no telling how much alteration the story incorporated before existing in its present form.

However, given the apparently twisted love that God has for smells from animal sacrifices (Genesis No one has ever found the enormous ark even though we know its final resting place is among the mountains of Ararat located around present-day Turkey (Genesis 8:4).

One might even ask if they bothered to proofread their work.

Such casual observations work well against the hypothesis of an all-knowing god, a consideration well revisit repeatedly.

Why would an omniscient god have to destroy all of his work for a specific quality that he knew would continue to exist even unto this very day?

The flood was for naught, yet God carried out his horrific genocide anyway.

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