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If our goal is to use AI to augment human capability, then never elevate the recommendation of a computer above the judgement of a human.As much as we should heed the advice of industry experts, the reality is we can’t stand in the way of technology progress.Paul was an early pioneer in the field of text retrieval and has worked on search engines for over 30 years.He was the architect and inventor of Retrieval Ware, a ground-breaking natural-language based statistical text search engine which he started in 1989 and grew to million in annual sales worldwide.In the future, I imagine that rather than maintaining paper documentation, items like the knowledge base about a software system, for example, will be automatically generated as the software is developed.

Both NLP and semantic search have fueled the rise of enterprise chatbots or digital assistants — workplace AI that are bringing deeper natural language understanding to not only enhance search but also provide an entirely new way for employees to interact with corporate data and work more productively.

So what impact do these technologies have on the future of your enterprise intranets and knowledge sharing?

Through my work on many customer projects involving intranet search, I have come to realize how much paper documentation still pervades the world of technical documentation. Intranets incorporating NLP, semantic search and AI can fuel chatbots as well as end-to-end question-answering systems that live on top of search.

Any technology, if used the wrong way, could cause harm.

AI has too much potential for the future of mankind. Zuckerberg is much more optimistic about the future of AI: “I think you can build things and the world gets better.

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