Relative age dating diagrams does validating debt work

Principle of Uniformitarianism The principle of Uniformitarianism was postulated by James Hutton (1726-1797) who examined rocks in Scotland and noted that features like mudcracks, ripple marks, graded bedding, etc.where the same features that could be seen forming in modern environments.The goal of this lecture is come to come to a scientific understanding of geologic time and the age of the Earth.

Geologist in the 1800s worked out 7 basic principles of stratigraphy that allowed them, and now us, to work out the relative ages of rocks.Prior to the late 17th century, geologic time was thought to be the same as historical time.Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh, Ireland, 1654, added up generations from the Old Testament and determined that Earth formed on October 23, 4004 BCE.In fact, sedimentary rocks are, in a sense, trash from the Earth's surface deposited in basins.Principle of Original Horizontality Sedimentary strata are deposited in layers that are horizontal or nearly horizontal, parallel to or nearly parallel to the Earth's surface.

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