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They have not been seen in public over the past few days. Blige always appeared happy with her husband and his family. At age 68, he’s broke and is seeking new management.

Teddy Riley got into serious trouble over the holidays. Riley is best known for the New Jack Music era and his work with Guy and Blackstreet. Over the past few years, Riley has had to file for bankruptcy, lost his Virginia recording studio and had a failed marriage with a woman he met over the internet. Clinton’s mother died a few weeks ago, and he didn’t have the money to give her a proper burial.

star, 41, is the social media ambassador for Sunday’s SAG Awards (TNT and TBS, 8 p.m. Go to and

I don’t think it’s a good idea to tweet negative things.

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Patty is the reigning Queen of Mid-days from 10am to 3pm, Monday through Saturday.

Patty’s brand of realness has kept her audience connected throughout her 25-year broadcasting career. Blige is brushing off reports that she went upside her husband’s head at her album release party.

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He owes million to creditors, and he is behind million in back taxes. Banks says she will continue with America’s Next Top Model, and she is starting a film production company.

For many years, Tina looked the other way dealing with her husband’s addictions and other women. He got one of his jumpoffs pregnant, and she’s due soon. She is expecting a financial windfall once the dust settles.

Beyonce and Solange knew this day was coming, but they are still taking it hard. The Jackson family blames Murray for Michael’s death, so what’s going on? Murray won’t face murder charges, maybe a manslaughter indictment, but not murder charges. The 9th season, with Ellen De Generes replacing Paula Abdul, kicks off January 12th and 13th, but will this be the last one with “Mr. Cowell wants to leave the hit show to start his own show, an American version of his hit British show The X-Factor. The FOX network is planning on three more years of the show, with or without Cowell.

No one ever seems to stay with Gina very long in recent years.

I think John Stamos was the guy who stayed with her the longest and that was just a few months. Anyway, she now has some old, rich German guy she wants everyone to know is her boyfriend.

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