Neon trees drummer and lead singer dating

, but rather pretty people who reveled in the thought of attending an invite-only party with a relatively-famous band and an army of professional photographers in tow.

That's not to say no fans were in attendance, but the room had a distinctly divided feel.

Throughout the crowd, you could see the Brooklyn-ites contrast starkly with the Manhattan-ers.

The former adorned almost exclusively in fierce, black rocker attire; the latter bedecked in tight, oft-revealing dresses for women alongside men who looked like they walked straight off the pages of a J. While it would be unfair to say the Brooklyn-ites were there for the music and the Manhattan-ers were there to be seen, there was a definite distinction between factions within the crowd.

Almost every song is either fun, optimistic, or both.

If you love happy pre-game songs that get you amped up for a great night out, then American Authors should be your new favorite band.

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But, like their first album, the short show left me wanting a little bit more.

There was both a literal and figurative buzz in the air as some of the tipsy guests mingled with the band or the other attractive people in attendance.

Members of the band (and their entourage) visited with friends and fans alike.

“That was a big thing with that first album because …

when life throws these obstacles at you, and you have these challenges with whatever you want to do in life — for us, music — there's kinda like, ‘do you just give up and quit, or do you see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep working and pushing harder to get through that.'”While American Authors have had rather successful singles in addition to their smash hit, the band currently occupies a delicate position on what I call the “one hit hump.” The question for them now is whether or not they can keep plodding forward, crest that hill, and become more than just their one hit song; or, if they can't, and figuratively roll back down the hill from whence they came.

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