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” Between these two conversations, I visited Griffin at her home in Los Angeles a number of times (we first met a dozen years ago at a party; in the last year, after she reached out to me via Twitter DM, we began discussing politics regularly). (She says they’re excellent neighbors and don’t make any noise.

The images are part of a photo shoot the comedian did with controversial photographer Tyler Shields.It’s a useful meme for Trump: It’s the left that incites violence, it’s the left that engages in hate.” The photos were improvised in an afternoon: Tyler Shields, a celebrity photographer known for his provocative images (he once shot an image of a black man hanging a member of the KKK), was taking some updated portraits of Griffin, and afterward, they decided to create some spoof images involving Trump.Griffin dispatched her assistant to find a Trump mask and a friend made fake blood using ketchup.But in the past couple of years, her act has become more and more political. “Comedians talk about what their audience is faced with every day, we try to relate to our audience,” she says. I always have been, and now, with Trump, many people are obsessed with politics, so that’s going to be a big part of my act.” In the course of our talks, the theme she returned to most forcefully was the right to provoke with humor.Griffin describes a visit to an LGBT center in Los Angeles, during which an AIDS patient asked her to mock him so he could feel normal, as a defining moment in her career, and an example of the value of seemingly outrageous comedy.

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