Father wont accept interracial dating

Other people think he is wonderful because he will go out of his way to help everyone, including total strangers. ROSEMARYYou are asking me an impossible question, I'm afraid. Having views about the issue of Britain's borders and/or judging that immigration policies of recent years have not been wise is a very different thing from rejecting a four-year-old child because of the colour of her skin.

To be blunt, nothing in the world could make me even begin to understand his behaviour (especially since his own parents are not racists) and my primitive instinct is that I'd like to shoot him. Had the little girl just been born I might try to read his disgraceful attitude as a shock response. People cry 'racism' too easily nowadays, which serves to detract from the terrible gravity of the real, gut prejudice your husband displays, described in wrenching detail in your longer letter.

I assume you have benefits; the Citizens Advice Bureau where he lives should be able to help. I am a warm-hearted lady and my friends take advantage.

His partner's family may have suggestions - and will be all the more welcoming to you because of your principled courage and love. I really wanted to stop present-buying at Christmas and birthdays as I lost my job and don't want to waste my savings.

When my granddaughter was christened, I had to go on my own and I was made so welcome by her family, it deeply upset me to know that they knew how my husband feels about their daughter and our granddaughter.

Over the past five years the only times I have seen my granddaughter are when I've visited alone.

You also have three grown-up sons - and I believe it's time they all looked after the woman who gave them life. At 55, you have (God willing) many years of life ahead of you - years in which you could read to your granddaughter, help her make Christmas cards and presents for her mum and dad, play games with her when they are busy, watch her grow. Tell this son that you would like to move near him.To that end, I'm going to do something unusual on this page, which is to ask the question, 'Why do so many women accept being helplessly trapped with appalling men? I want you to hold what I say in your mind, and read next week's letter as a continuation.The issue comes up frequently, but never before have I received two letters that I found so shocking and frustrating in equal measure, as yours and next week's.The pain this causes all the family is difficult to bear.My two sons from my first marriage are totally supportive of their step-brother, and love their little niece.

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