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The second club was nicer, a converted two-bedroom apartment in a luxury high rise.On the way over he informed me that it was poor etiquette to ever mention another one of these rooms.They had two rooms with poker tables so multiple games could go on at once, and more flat screens.To my delight, one room was entirely empty minus an ATM machine.Apparently when he showed up at a game, the word got out around town very quickly that a lot of money was about to be put on the table and lost.

Looking back, that strikes me as highly unlikely since A) all rooms are “rigged,” as these are miniature casinos and the house always wins, and B) the players in Manhattan were probably just a lot better than the ones in baby-carriage Brooklyn.

They take place in apartments, tenement basements in the East Village, luxury high-rise condos on Lexington Avenue, and lofts in the Meatpacking District. As long as you know the right name to give at the door and have the right amount to buy in, you’ll be able to find a game. They don’t have to—the beauty of these apartment poker clubs is that the kitchens function as fully stocked bars, and they have a “waitress” there to order in whatever else is needed. The waitress is usually (but not always) the only woman present.

She fetches beer, orders delivery, cleans up, and if she so chooses gives back massages for a dollar a minute.

She gets tipped in poker chips, then trades them in for cash at the end of her “shift.”About a year ago, I had just left my bartending job at a strip club and needed some fast cash.

I had a friend who worked and played in these rooms, and he offered to hook me up with some work.

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