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He offers these six tips to help you avoid being taken in.According to 2016 figures released by the RCMP, some 748 victims in Canada lost a total of about million to online romance scams," Crandall said — about ,000 per person.Most people are already on their guard when they meet someone new, but even long-term, live-in partnerships can be exploited."Unfortunately, we regularly see people in long-term relationships that have been scammed," Crandall said, most commonly by use of their credit-card information."Sometimes a boyfriend, girlfriend, ex-husband or ex-wife have gotten credit in your name, or have been using your credit without your knowledge or consent," he said.In addition, "if I have someone's credit card, I can use it to purchase things online without [the cardholder' even knowing.

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"If you're keeping a relationship secret from your family and friends, you want to ask yourself why that is," Crandall said.

Keeping your lover's identity, or their requests to you, a secret, indicates something could be happening that might not be above-board.

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