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"It is hard to imagine that Harry's father was compelled in 1981 to marry a woman from an aristocratic family who at least appeared to be virginal." That marriage — of Charles to Lady Diana Spencer — ultimately descended into tabloid tawdriness before ending in divorce in 1996, a year before Diana died after a car crash in Paris.Years ago, Markle would have been an unlikely candidate as a potential royal spouse, particularly given her previous divorce.The photo shown here is in fact an exact replica of the shirts worn on ‘The Beach Boys’ album cover of ‘Surfer Girl’ which gave Pendleton its rise to cult status.The band were previously known as the ‘Pendletones’ named after the plaid shirts they wore!Prince Harry reportedly met Meghan Markle last year in Toronto, where the American actress has been based while filming for the television series Suits. Rodriguez/Getty Images) Meghan Markle got the British tabloids in a tizzy a few days ago when she showed up to cheer on her royal boyfriend, Prince Harry, at a charity polo match outside London.Even some of the more restrained media outlets drew attention to the Toronto-based Markle's first semi-official appearance in public with the fifth in line to the throne.This time though it was wool shirts that caught my eye, and not new ones either.

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The high quality of the wool fabric created meant that it was more wrinkle resistant than cotton, more resistant to stains, a little more elastic, and above all, insulated better than cotton.Wool also has the added benefit that even when tightly woven it still allowed for breathability.The Board Shirt – (made famous by the beach boys) has a straight bottom, sports collar (looped top button) and two flap pockets.Initially they produced Indian blankets (and still do today), which evolved into bathrobes and coats.They started producing mens wool shirts in 1924, expanding into a full range of menswear by 1929.

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