Dating disease

Tinder, an app that has people swipe left or right depending on whether they “like” someone or not, processes 26 million matches every day and 1.5 million dates every week, according to its website.

It has a “Safety Tips” section under the app’s “Settings" that discusses protection measures such as using a condom, and features a link to a CDC website with information on getting tested.

It's very sad to hear, I hope things get better for you.

You're right that saying to them, "You're acting really crazy right now!

Don't want to be bothered with anything or anybody. Did I even rate the girl in terms of her looks on a scale of 10 in the above post?

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Be informed about her medication and possible contraindications and side effects that may impact your life together.

Grindr, a gay dating app with 3 million daily active users, has a "Sexual Health” section on each user’s profile where the user can list HIV status and the last time they were tested.

That same section also features a link to a “Sexual Health FAQ” page where the user can learn more about HIV, getting tested and related topics.

If you feel the costs of dealing with her medical issues outweigh the benefits, then you make that call.

In her defense we are dating because she and I worked together for about a year and got to know each other, so the reason that we even started dating is because of the history.

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