Cancer woman and dating

Here are the things you must know about loving a Cancer woman and about a Cancer woman in love: 1.

Romance is her de facto dope The woo-and-win stage does not mark the end of romance in a relationship with a Cancer woman.

Governed by water, a Cancer woman is a tidal force of complex and conflicting waves – each of which battle to gain control.

She can be reserved one moment and quite outgoing another, fickle at one point and strong-willed the next, thereby, never getting pinned to a definite.

While she may read your mind just like you’d ever wanted, she may expect the same.

So if she has dodged the question of Saturday night plans with she secretly implies for you to rewind and replay all your week’s worth of conversations and find that subtle hint about that antique shop.

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It’s important that they do have a joint focus in their lives other than each other, otherwise Cancer man Cancer woman compatibility can suffer from too much mutual nurturing – you can have too much of a good thing, and if this couple wrap each other in too much cotton wool, neither will be able to breathe. This couple will find their sex life very deep and meaningful and it will be a comfort to them when real life isn’t much fun.

Not always, however, Both the Cancer man and the Cancer woman are prone to dark moods and depression; if it happens that both are sinking at the same time, there is nobody to rescue either of them.

When financial responsibilities, debt, career troubles or difficult family life overwhelm this couple jointly, they can rapidly fall apart, unable to reach each other, each in their own private misery.

Similarly, you never know when an unintentional remark may grate on her. She needs to feel invested in Emotional security is one of the foremost requisites for a Cancer woman.

She will take offense and no amount of cajoling and coaxing will cause her to yield, unless she’s ready! If she gets into a romantic relationship, she is, in all possibility, looking at marriage as the blatant culmination.

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