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(opening this Friday, February 18th) made an appearance at the Hot Topic in Westfield Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus New Jersey last week.They held a signing for fans, introduced a special screening of the film, and still found time to talk to CG!Needless to say, not happy about being pictured as the simpering girlfriend who won’t let her boyfriend talk to other girls, Agron is now working her version of the truth through Us Weekly.The magazine is now reporting that Agron has moved out of the home she and Pettyfer shared and is living under an alias at a hotel because she’s afraid of him. No doubt, she’s kind of a weak ass but in combination with the inflated ego, the control over her career, and his youth – let’s not forget he’s just 20 – I’m inclined to believe that Pettyfer needs to chill the f-ck out.Were you familiar with it before you got the script? Dianna Agron CG: What was your first day on set like? Dianna Agron: I had met Alex already and it was interesting because I was finishing the [tour.

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Without any wins to back that up however, in this game, it might not be enough to overcome the image problems that have suddenly dominated his resumé.If we took out all of the middle, which is the time it takes to get there, then I could do so many more things. CG: What was your favorite stunt that you did on set? ' because by the time your body registers that you're falling from that height, you're already slowing down, so you get about a second of that pop, that adrenaline pop.DA: I only had one stunt, where I'm falling off this four-story building which was so much fun. I can only imagine the bigger stunts, the things that Alex was doing, and the way they had to rig him, was quite incredible to watch and see how it comes together.She’s also appeared in CSI: NY, Veronica Mars and Heroes.In 2010, Dianna played Natalie in the movie Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher and she was named one of People magazine’s Most Beautiful 2010 (not a bad year then, Di! Dianna appeared alongside Alex Pettyfer in the 2011 science-fiction action thriller I Am Number Four and the pair then dated.

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