Aquarius man dating a leo woman

Use the Lion's love for sensual pleasures to your advantage by dabbing on a bit of expensive perfume and wearing a classically elegant dress.

When it comes to marriage, never try to dominate a Lion, and never let him doubt your fidelity.

At first, they are active and fun to talk to each other and believe that they are soul mates.

But both of them suspect that the secret corners of the soul of the other are a dark room in which they also want to penetrate.

He and I work and rarely see each other but when we do its magical. He is gentle man, romantic, caring , charming and he makes me feel happy.

I know we are opposite but that is what attracts us and everyone is shock because he is a biker and I nurse and it just fixs for him and I.[b]I'm a Aquarius woman with a Leo man been together seven years we've had our fair share of ups and downs but at the end off the day we love each other. The best way to deal with a leo cheater is to do to him exactly what he did to you.

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It doesn't matter so much what you praise him for, as long as your praise seems sincere. A male Leo will see you as an extension of himself, so he'll want you to be a positive asset.Leo males also have an affinity for certain careers, so that might be another good place to start your hunt. Look for a man in a leadership position, and chances are good that he's a Leo.To get the attention of a male Lion, shower him with praise. If he's relating some daring narrative, be spellbound.This is due to the awful relationships we both come from so we are very caution with this whole thing.advised would be appreciated cause i don't want to end up friend zoning him like i did with my high crush Leo and now best friend.Been dating a leo man for 10 months, he is 11 years older than I.

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